7 ways you know you might be Batshit Crazy too

There are more than seven reasons. There are like, all the reasons. Reasons that aren’t even numbers anymore or even infinity because there MIGHT BE SOMETHING BIGGER than that.. or if bigger means smaller than maybe it’s zero. Or not. Because in a world where all the sane people number things in hierarchical order, and the rest of us feel we must live up (or NOT live up) to whatever number we deem important, (because non compliance really means you must first be in compliance or you don’t understand what you are working against, right)… wait….. what?
See, I’d rather be batshit crazy.
So, number….

1. It’s okay to be B..S..T crazy because really? Why not.

4. It’s okay to go out of order if you are B.S Crazy. (you can also change up the way you shorten BATSHIT) Which is really,

2. … you don’t have to do anything in any particular order, ever. Unless being disorderly becomes order. OR unless it sends you to jail. (Unless, of course, you find your bliss in jail, in which case, CARRY ON.) … which is really number FIVE, Because….

5. ….being BATSH** crazy means you don’t ever really judge anything ever. Like, LIVE AND LET LIVE. Sort of. Because the big things? B. Shit people don’t care. We only really judge you if you are wearing really, really terrible shoes. Not ugly trendy… those are cool. Just, like, inappropriate. Which is really….

7. ….It’s okay to be BATSHIT Crazy because only YOU need to know what you are talking about, or if you are REALLY going to poke a fork in someones eye, which you know you would not do, but thinking about it amuses you and maybe someday you will…. because number 6,,,

6. You are easily amused by yourself. This means you save a lot of money on entertainment expenses.

And there doesn’t even have to be a number 3. Because if you are Batshit Crazy you can keep your favorite number and write down an invisible, terribly important reason, that only OTHER Lost and B.S Crazy Witches will be able to read in the invisible ink of the internet. Okay, there you go!
If you can clearly read reason number 3, comment here! I can’t wait. And if you have just decided you can’t understand a word I wrote, Don’t be ALARMED!…. I am currently in the BS CRAZY mode. When I return from crazy pants land, I will not be able to read it either. So, simply bookmark this post and read when you are feeling like nothing makes sense. Because at that point? YES, you get it… this will!

LOVE, The Lost Witch. (ME)